Informational Videos

ClimateQUAL® Webcast

The ClimateQUAL® Webcast, held on April 17, 2012, is designed to provide potential and current participants with practical information for administering a survey, to help participants with interpreting the data and its analysis, and to share best practices in using the results. The webcast features Paul Hanges (Maryland), the lead researcher of the ClimateQUAL® protocol, and David Green (ARL), who highlights important implementation steps. Jay Schafer and Dianna Williams (Massachusetts), Jean Zanoni (Marquette), and Sue Baughman (ARL) discuss the drivers of this assessment and follow-up actions based on the survey results. Martha Kyrillidou (ARL) hosts and facilitates the event. Q&A is interspersed throughout the webcast.

Informational Video on Theory

This 20 minute video by Dr. Paul Hanges of the University of Maryland Industrial and Organizational Psychology Program describes the theory behind ClimateQUAL®: Organizational Climate and Diversity Assessment.
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