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Developing a Diversity-Competent Workforce: The UA Libraries’ Experience
Ricardo Andradea and Alexandra Riverab, Journal of Library Administration, 51, (7-8), 692-727. (2011)
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On Becoming an Employer of Choice: Gauging Employee Satisfaction Through ClimateQUAL®
Xin Li and Linda Bryan, Library Trends, Volume 59, Numbers 1-2, Summer 2010/Fall 2010, 256-268. (2010)
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Staffing in the 21st Century: New Challenges and Strategic Opportunities
R. E. Ployhart, Journal of Management, 32, 868-897. (2006)
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Surface and Deep-level Diversity in Workgroups: Examining the Moderating Effects of Team Orientation and Team Process on Relationship Conflict
S. Mohammed and L.C. Angell, Journal of Organizational Behavior, 25, 1015-1039. (2004)
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Organizational Culture and Climate
C. Ostroff, A.J. Kinicki and M.M. Tamkins, In W.C. Borman, D.R. Ilgen, & R.J. Klimoski (Eds), Comprehensive Handbook of Psychology, Volume 12: I/O Psychology, 565-594. New York: John Wiley & Sons. (2003)
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Attraction - Selection - Attrition Model of Organizational Functioning
B. Schneider, D. B. Smith and M. C. Paul, In M. Erez, H. Thierry, & U. Kleinbeck (Eds.), Work motivation in the context of a globalizing economy. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. (2002)
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Minority Dissent and Team Innovation: The Importance of Participation in Decision Making
C.K.W. De Dreu and M.A. West, Journal of Applied Psychology, 86, 1191-1201. (2001)
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Shaping Service Cultures Through Strategic Human Resources Management
D. E. Bowen, B. Schneider and S. Kim, In T.A. Swartz & D. Iacobucci (Eds.), Handbook of services marketing and management. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. (2000)
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The Psychological Life of Organizations
B. Schneider, In Ashkanasy, N., Wilderon, C., & Peterson, M. (Eds.), Handbook of organizational culture and climate, Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA, pp. xvii-xxi. (2000)
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Beyond Relational Demography: Time and the Effects of Surface and Deep-level Diversity on Work Group Cohesion
D.A. Harrison, K.H. Prive and M.P. Bell, Academy of Management Journal, 41, 96–107. (1998)
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